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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 8, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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hello, i'm richard lui in new york soilt. the president on the way back to washington from the g-20 summit, who will land in a few hours and vladimir putin says president trump did agree with his hacking trial during the friday meeting. if true, this is a major rebuke to the u.s. intelligence agencies and an official said this is not accurate but the president has not responded to whether this is true or not. keir simmons pushed putin for more details and he was not allowed to ask him directly in english so here was the translated exchange. >> we wanted to ask you a question about your meeting with president trump but a colleague
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of mine has already asked a similar one and you said that we need to ask president trump what has happened in your meeting. >> you should have asked how he reacted to my answers but as to what happened, nothing happened. we didn't interfere. >> it is just we are not getting much information from the white house as to what has happened. >> we will make sure we tell them. >> translator: can you please share what exactly president trump said when you told him russia didn't interfere in the election? >> he started to ask questions. he was interested in details. i answered in detail as far as i could have. i also told him about my conversations on the issue with previous administration, including my conversation with president obama. i am not sure i should be
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talking about what was said in my meeting with obama, it is not how it is done on the world stage. so i think it won't be appropriate to share details of my meeting with president trump. >> peter alexander joins us now and senior white house officials holding a gaggle on the plane with the media back home and did they clear up trump's view on putin's denial here? >> reporter: they really didn't on this plane. there were three senior administration officials including the treasury secretary and steve nunchen said he handled himself in his words absolutely brile yently on the topic during the course of the 2 hour and 16 minutes meeting yesterday with vladimir putin. but none of the officials, when the questions were posed by the traveling press, the pool on board air force one would dispute vladimir putin and sergei lavrov's assessment that donald trump basically accepted
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putin's denial that moscow meddled in the election. nuchen said he would be happy to make a statement about this but during the course of this event, there was no news conference from donald trump. it is customary there could be one from a head of state at the end of an event like this. you heard from theresa may of the u.k., angela merkel, the chancellor and macron and putin and many of them speaking publicly today. but certainly not donald trump on this topic, specifically. he did say of his meeting with vladimir putin earlier during one of his one-on-one or one of his bilateral meetings with theresa may it was a tremendous meeting he had with vladimir putin. he also spoke at the end of his visit with president xi jinping of china and with the concerns about what is taking place in north korea right now. how is here the president addressed it during that visit. >> i appreciate the things they have done [ inaudible ] very substantial problem that we all
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face in our career, the problem is that something has to be done and [ inaudible ] success may take longer than i'd like and take longer than would you like but there will be success in the end. >> a little bit of new color about that meeting with president xi of china. we're told it lasted about 90 minutes. with translators in the room so you could split that number in half. but nonetheless another long meeting the president had here and we're told by senior administration officials that the president in their words basically was very direct in his talks specifically on that issue of north korea, richard. >> peter, you covered many a gathering of such leefaders fro around the world and as we close up the week we have the joint statement to be written or has been written already, what would you say the history books will outline this meeting, how they will look back upon donald trump? >> reporter: well, i think obviously there is a lot of
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focus on this issue of russia's meddling but more broadly i think as you look about the president's viewing of nationalistic of america's first views, this is the g 20 but for much of the last several days it felt like the g-19 with the united states isolated. the top economic adviser gary cone spoking about the issues where they did not find consensus, like that climate change, the document of shared beliefs came out basically saying that the u.s. had noted had not signed on to the paris pact, had withdrawn it said that that pact was basically it was irreversible. so there was big push-back. but what was striking is an administration official, characterized it this way, you know how hard it is to get 20 people to go to dinner together, it is not such a big deal. the white house pushing back. but it is noted here in the headlines here in new york is glaring as how they viewed this as money america alone as
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opposed to the summit. thank you. >> thank you for being with us. thank you, peter alexander in germany. and the questions are not going away. nikki haley was asked about this in an interview airing tomorrow. take a listen to a little bit of that. >> he wanted him to basically look him in the eye, let him know that, yes, we know you meddled in our election and yes we know you did it and cut it out and i think president vladimir putin did exactly what we thought he would do and that is deny and this is russia trying to save face and they can't. everybody knows that russia meddled in our election. >> why isn't the president admitting this. >> talk is one thing, actions are another. he confronted president putin and made it the first thing he talked about and now we have to see where it goes from here. >> ambassador nikki haley. johning me josh lettererman and caitlyn burns, reporter, michael
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baker, former cia operative. let me start with you on this, josh. this denial of sebbiaccepting t denialal and what are you hearing about this because we are hearing different things about this. >> trump is caught in the classic situation that american presidents end up in with vladimir putin, if you are not extremely specific and if you leave any leeway whatsoever, it is very easy for the other side to sort of miss characterize or spin a little bit and that seems to be where we're at. obviously we know that trump did bring up this issue. we know that in one way or another he confronted president putin about it. we know that president putin is still not acknowledging that russia interfered in the election and really what the details of where they left the conversation, i don't think we'll ever know and unless we are one of the very few people who were in the room. but what is important to remember here is the view of this from the -- here in the
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united states where lawmakers from both parties, everyone had been demanded that president trump bring this up, confront him. he did check that box. i think from now on we'll probably hear every time this comes up, president trump say, well no, don't you remember at the g-20 in hamburg, i raised this, i did it and i looked putin in the high as nikki haley said but she also said that it is all about actions and not just words. and so far we haven't really seen anything concrete from the trump administration to try to prevent this kind of interference from having happen as far as russia is concerned. >> in this he said, he said and we've had to say that a lot, in this he said-he said situation, if trump did not strongly dispute the denial, who would that mean, what are the overtoured, the intimations felt in the intelligence community. >> in a couple of things. first of all, i don't think anybody who has been paying
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attention to this would have expected vladimir putin to say, all right, you caught me, you're right, i did. >> true. >> so his denial was fully expected. and in a meeting like this, it is not a couple of toddlers. you don't get into a did too and did not argument after that. but the fact that putin did what he would have expected him to do, the key point here is that it was brought up. and you're not going to then devolve the conversation into, yes you do and he said no, i didn't. it serves no purpose. so you are absolutely right to then ask the question, what comes next. unfortunately, over the past many years, and let's not forget that russia has been meddling in u.s. politics for decades an decade goesing back to its early '40s, we've done appreciate little of any significance and what we're seeing now is this awareness, i think this is good that it came out in the spotlight and the investigation into what they did, motivation and that is very important, get that out there,
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because if nothing else, it shines that light on this issue and perhaps now actually forces a u.s. administration to take some serious action. >> caitlyn, reflect on this very topic that we are talking about, which is the rebuking potentially of the denial of vladimir putin. there is that and then there is also -- you could just tell by the tone, as they were sitting side by side, if there were to be a win-win, that there is congeniality. if both sides claim a win, the win might be just that they got along. >> well the white house has identifying that as one of the objectives, right, to sort of start this relation, because it is important, they say, of course, when dealing with things like syria, of course, which was another headline coming out this cease-fire that is reported, although of course the u.s. and russia have very different objectives when it comes to syria, remember vladimir putin has been supporting the assad regime while tillerson said yesterday that syria cannot
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exist with putin -- i'm sorry with assad. what is interesting here is that you have two world leaders who are very, very different. remember of course vladimir putin has decaded of experience in this kind of thing, meeting with presidents before. donald trump's experience is very limited in politics and governing. donald trump is also a little bit battered here at home. his approval ratings are low, he is trying to get a health care bill through the senate, which seems at an uphill climb right now and he also has a sanctions bill in the senate that senators passed out of that chamber in putting sanctions on russia going to the house -- >> which putin is very aware of. >> very aware of. but the president has not weighed in whether he is supportive of that yet. so the consequences here, what comes out of this meeting, i i think a lot of people with wondering, a wondering. >> as we look at the words of peter alexander, this is g-20 but you hear the words of g-19
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and isolationist in association with the united states and you heard of the idea of certain european countries coming together to go up against the united states on purpose. this new realignment, josh, what might it be. early to tell, certainly. >> i think what we're seeing is an evolution in the first months of the trump administration by all of these other countries an how do they deal with president trump and the fact that he is really deviating from long-standing u.s. positions. so at the first few months of the administration, countries were really reluctant to question him, to challenge him or criticize positions that he was taking. you saw everyone really unsure about the fact that he is so unpredictable, trying to get along as best they could and we are a few months in. some of the other european leaders are gaining confidence and some have politics dollarsly -- domestically to worry about and they are con fronting the united states, not in outright hostility, but in a statement
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the other countries have signed, the u.s. is is not on board with something that we still think is a priority. you heard theresa may from the u.k. saying she was dismayed by this decision and harsh talk about the u.s. leader and countries still navigating how do they deal with this new administration while also holding their own ground at home. >> and the new administration to you, michael, on this, according to the read out, which you are aware of, is there is collaboration between the united states and russia on cyber. what might that mean for the intelligence community as a collaboration on cyber security with russia, if you just go back to the generation of the cold war, this is not something anybody would ever expect to be heard or read somewhere. >> right. it is very true. well, there are so many layers to this but when you talk about collaboration between the u.s. and russia, it is hard to say that sentence without smiling. look, russia is the number two state sponsors of cyber shenanigans and you could quote
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me on that term. >> we will. we will that do. and we might do that, too. >> there you go. right behind china. now, is there an advantage, just like there is an advantage to trying to find diplomatic opportunities where our interests might intersect, is there an advantage to collaborating are the russians but as long as we are pragmatic knowing that her interest and ours don't align and they are the number two perpetrator out there in cyber space so it is worthwhile from an intelligence perspective. what does it mean? it means we'll have more contact and collaboration and more cooperation? no. but it means perhaps it will give us opportunities to understand better what the russians are doing from an intelligence perspective. that is typically how intelligence organizations look at it when they are working at odds with each other, but in contact with each other. you are looking for an advantage in that situation. >> michael, yet to be defined. tough to define. i did give you a tough one
2:15 pm
there. katelin, we were mentioning the idea of the president trump g 19 isolational and the removal of the united states as the leading country in this group, this is donald trump. this is his form of leadership. he derives strength, this is who he has in his election and now as he leads, he is not afraid to say i will go at it the way i think is best for america. >> certainly. and i think he comes away from this meeting a bit em boldened in his position to do that and all eyes are on angela merkel and not only the host but looking at her role in the world as it evolves, whether germany -- >> called now the leader of the free world by some. >> exactly. which certainly wouldn't really be greeted well by president trump given their kind of history. so that is an interesting kind of relationship to watch. but the question of what donald trump gets out of this meeting, i think is important. and we weren't able to hear from
2:16 pm
him. remember, putin and others gave press conferences after the summit, this president did not. he did have an opportunity to tout some of the accomplishments and spoke to the ways in which he campaigned and he doesn't choose to do so, so we'll wait to hear from him. >> that is very interesting. thank you very much all three. next a show of force. u.s. bombers soaring over the korean peninsula following the missile test. today president trump also meeting with china's president jinping and how china plans to handle the north korean situation. amilies a second chan. amilies a second chan. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®.
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combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. the united states and its allies sent a direct message overnight to north korea leader kim jong-un. u.s. forces taking part in a mock bombing mission over the korean peninsula. it is part of a joint exercise with south korea and japanese troops which they've done in the
2:20 pm
past. coming hours before president trump's meeting with shinzo abe there at the g 20 and abe saying the session was very focused on the situation in north korea. the actions of north korea were also a topic of discussion during trump's meeting with china's president xi jinping. >> as far as north korea is concerned, i know we will have a success that may take longer than i'd like, may take longer that you'd like but there will be success in the end. >> as said, all of this in response from tuesday. america's independence day. north korea putting a thumb to their nose here at the united states by firing off a game-changing ballistic missile. that could potentially reach u.s. shores. wednesday, in response, the united nations holding a emergency security counsel meeting focused on reigning in kim jong-un. >> make no mistake, north korea's launch of an icbm is a
2:21 pm
clear and sharp military escalation. their actions are quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution. >> joining me now, military analyst and medal of honor recipient colonel jack jacobs and policy fellow at brookings institute. and some watchers said the trump-putin meeting had a congenial tone but was the same question with xi on camera. they both look like they are get ago long at the gathering there in florida. does this get ambassador hallie the vote she needs to pass more sanctions on north korea. your thought first on this, if you can, thomas. >> i think she may very well get china's support for additional sanctions but it is beside the point. a rubicon has been crossed here with the icbm test and the situation has fundamentally changed. it is really unlikely that any level of additional sanctions will be enough to pressure kim
2:22 pm
jong-un to change his behavior and to either have a nuclear freeze or to forego testing or even to have denuclearization. so the united states i think is in a new strategic era where north korea will have the capability of hitting at the mainland united states in not a very long period of time and we have to think about what that means strategically. so i think the sanctions there are things the administration will say and make some sound sort of -- having a tough response but it is not actually going to address the strategic problem that the country has. >> so it is a look at the soft para options there in the security counsel and they are the hard power intimations, which we are seeing here by the exercises, as we were showing with some of the video at the top. these joint exercises of the united states and japan and south korea. the question is what sort of leverage does the united states have in addition to that to get xi, to get putin, to go along with what is happening on the
2:23 pm
soft power side? >> well, none, actually. china has no -- is not highly motivated to put further sanctions, debilitating sanctions on north korea and doesn't want to see chaos in the korean peninsula and doesn't want to see a war between north korea and south korea and more than anything does not want so see a situation in which there is a unified korea because it will work to their tremendous disadvantage. so it is very highly motivated to keep doing what it has been doing and that is to kick the can down the road and it knows that the united states is not going to start a war on the korean peninsula and it knows also that russia is not going to support that as well. so demonstrations will not do very much to convince anybody, either the north koreans, china or russia to do anything different than they are doing now, richard. >> thomas, one of the ideas that have been pushed over the years
2:24 pm
of again negotiations, the multi-lateral efforts made over the last 20 years with north korea, those seem to have not worked so well. is kim jong-un saying give me that bilateral meeting with the united states and show that i'm toe to toe, just as we saw with vladimir putin and trump there at the g-20, that is often an objective of such leaders, just show that we are on the same level as the united states. if that does happen here, thomas, does that get us farther down the road on coming to a solution with north korea? >> yeah, he would love that. because it would put him on a par with the president of the united states. u.s. policy for well over a decade has been to prevent that from happening, to ensure that any talks are multi-lateral and include south korea and china and others, partly because the president -- kim jong-un is not on a level with the president of the u.s. but also because it is important to bring in other countries in the region. now the question is if -- if
2:25 pm
donald trump agreed to that meeting, would he get a concession of sorts from kim jong-un? quite possibly he may get a temporary concession but it would only be temporary because kim jong-un rate on debt raw, his fundamental goal and objective is to have the capability of hitting the united states with a nuclear weapon because he believed he will be in power for 40 or 50 years and this is the foundation of his strategy to essentially first guarantee his own survival but ultimately force the u.s. away from korea to dealing with south korea so he could achieve his objective of unification. so i don't think will fundamentally put on the table the nuclear or missile program. he might have some tem orory concessions. >> quickly to you here colonel, william perry, he has said, it is very high bar before you reach any sort of consideration of military action. how we just gotten closer
2:26 pm
because of that test, colonel? >> well it might appear that way. but we are not going to launch anything or do anything except in defense. there are 30 million south koreans and they are within walking distance of the demilitary zone and we have more than 27,000 americans not far from there. they are all at risk. we have to keep in mind that kim jong-un's principle objective is to stay in power as thomas said. we could look at the north korea regime as a continuing criminal enterprise. the only objective is to stay in power. anything that we do other than try to eliminate them completely over a very short period of time won't have any effect unless we agree with them around the table behind closed doors that we will guarantee their survival and we're not going to do that. >> colonel jack jacobs and
2:27 pm
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i'm richard lui, here is what we are watching. in less than 12 hours the russia cease-fire will begin. officials say the deal announced at the g-20 summit will support humanitarian assistance in the region near the border with jordan. hr mcmaster released a statement saying at noon local time tomorrow a deescalation zone in southwest syria will begin to take effect. such zones are a priority for the united states and we're encouraged by the progress made to reach this agreement. celebrations break out in the street of mosul as government forces move to take full control of the capitol in iraq fighting against the terrorist group intensified with iraqi troops making a final push to liberate the city which was the last major strong hold of isis. the iraq prime minister is expected to declare a formal visitory soon. and right now the president is flying home after the last day of the g-20 summit there in hamburg, germany. and 19 of the countries participating in the summit reaffirmed their commitm to the
2:31 pm
paris climate accord. that the u.s. with drew from. and an estimated 50,000 protesters flooded the streets of hamburg. it is a violent two days. thursday night 111 police officers were injured and yesterday keir simmons was in the middle of violent clashes with police. >> you could see -- [ sirens ] >> again, there is glass flying everywhere. >> there we go. there goes another stun grenade. that is teargas because we just got a wave of that as the wind blue back. that is in your -- in my eyes and our throat. >> ah, let's go. let's go. these guys are not giving up, the protesters shout fascist police, fascist police. this is chaos. this is complete chaos. these protesters have gained control of these streets. >> keir simmons joins us right
2:32 pm
now. and as you've been reporting on these protests but others across europe how did this stand up. was it above or below the norm, if there were one here. >> i'm grateful to have a tie on and a helmet off. >> that is for sure. >> well this was 48 hours as i said it, in that tape, of chaos. it was clear to me and it was like really watching in slow motion the police lose control of parts of the city. it was clear to me by yesterday evening that there were parts of city that simply were not under the authority of the police and that is never good for any government in any country but it is particularly bad for a government that is holding a summit where 20 of the most powerful people in the world are gathered. now clearly the german chancellor merkel hoped to show case this very beautiful city and today we did see
2:33 pm
demonstrations about many different sides, who were having fun, kind of just making their point but not in the way we've seen in these pictures. but these pictures will be one of the memories from this -- this few days and did they get what they wanted, these anti-capitalists, these can arcists, people who say that authority is bad, that they didn't want to see 20 leaders coming together and as they put it, carving up the world. that last sentiment is one that may be -- many team might agree with. but they will then -- at the same time say they don't agree with this kind of thing. it made for very, very strong pictures, if you like. but the message really was pretty unhelpful. >> helmet off, tie on. and talk about messages here. vladimir putin holding a press briefing, right and you were able to be there.
2:34 pm
notably, which stood out, president trump did not hold one. what do you think stood out from what you heard from putin? >> i wondered if you would ask me where i was more nervous, on the streets or in the room with vladimir putin. look, i mean i think the world just seems so upside down right now. and so there you have vladimir putin answering questions from journalists as if he is the kind of leader of the democracy when we know absolutely that he isn't. and then we have the president of the united states who is democratically elected, not holding a news conference. people are trying to make sense of all of this. and it is very, very difficult. and i think that the question of what democracy means to people -- i'll just mention, and i mentioned it in the last hour, richard, we're on the streets there, i heard protesters shouting this is what democracy looks like. i think people at home will have to figure out for themselves what they think democracy should
2:35 pm
look like. but there are some -- you can take different views. i mean, look, president putin said that he felt like he could get along with president trump. these are two leaders with their fingers on the nuclear button and perhaps that at least is something to be grateful for. with all of the caveats we've been talking about. >> sir, thank you so much. as always, and your reporting. keir simmons there for us in germany with some reperspectiven what happened there. this is the week that donald trump claimed the spotlight on the geopolitical stage and he reached out to the polish hosts by offering these words of praise for their history. take a listen. >> you were invaded, yet again this time by nazi germany, from the west and the soviet union from the east. that's trouble. that's tough. >> let's turn to thomas pickering, former u.s. ambassador to the russian
2:36 pm
federation and former undersecretary of state for political affairs and ambassador, as you have listened and have watched, what has been said by not only president trump but those in his camp, what do you think the takeaway is for the g-20 from president trump? how are they now walking away describing who the leader of the united states is? >> well, i think they are obviously very disappointed that the paris climate change agreement ended up with a 19-1 more or less division between the u.s. and the rest of the g-20. and that means, in fact, that the u.s. is abdicating the leadership role in the very important facet of our foreign affairs. i think the trump meeting with president vladimir putin has left in the united states a lot of wreckage on the ground with respect to the question of what was said and who said it precisely in connection with russian intervention and the american election world. and that in itself is also been
2:37 pm
a problem because today, of course, the white house is not commenting further on this, seemingly wishing to put this into the background and get on with the future. i think there is nothing wrong with getting on with the future, but this issue isn't going to stay in the background and we're waiting obviously with great interest report from mr. mueller. >> and ambassador, you heard what the reporter from keir simmons who has been there all week is saying, he was at the press conference today with vladimir putin and the president of russia stand ting there and said some may have seen this as he now being the leader of democracy, yet being very much different from what that might mean but he had all of the reporters standing in front of him today at that briefing. who is ready to stand in, if the united states is stepping back? ambassador, are you there with us, still? all right. and ambassador thomas pickering
2:38 pm
there with us. he was reflecting on the g-20 and it looks like we've had some technical difficulties with the former ambassador. and we'll get back to him later if we can. still ahead for you, though, the health care battle. that is going to continue on monday when congress returns. the senate specifically. more on that after this. e grand! and you're not going to let anything keep you sidelined. come on! that's why you drink ensure. with nutritious calories 9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals. that was the best one ever! giving you the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. and finish! from the number one doctor recommended brand... ensure, always be you. one laugh, and hello so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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hackers targeting u.s. nuclear plants in cyber attack and russia is the main suspect according to u.s. officials. fbi and the department of homeland security say so tar the -- so far there is no threat to public safety. >> u.s. officials say they sent a bulletin warning ever a beginning of series of cyber attacks on a dozen nuclear u.s. power plants. several u.s. intelligence officials tell nbc news russian hackers are strongly superintendented because they resembled those carried out by
2:42 pm
russians on electrical grids in other countries. among the target this is time the wolf creek nuclear plant in burlington, kansas. and the fbi and homeland security say the cyber attack is limited to administrative and business networks, not plant controls. and the company said the intrusion had no impact on the plant because the targeted operational commute computer systems are separate from the corporate network. security experts say the hacker's goal could be the threat of a blackout. >> to send a message to say to back off because we have the ability to strike you in the heart of your core systems, the networks that matter to your economy and your lifestyle. >> the industry said none of the control splems for any -- systems for any of the 99 operating plants are connected to the internet but some say the intrusions are a wake-up call. >> the problem is the nuclear industry in the united states is under great economic strain and they are looking to cut costs in everything, safety and security and cyber security.
2:43 pm
>> the industry said security is a top priority in the nuclear plants know they are not immune from cyber attacks. pete williams, nbc news, washington. and the battle over voting that has pitted some scarily against the white house as secretaries of state meet during a conference. more than 40 states are rebelling against requests for voter registration information and who is bowing out nond and the legal challenge the election commission faces. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a swing set standoff. and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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a big meeting of officials from 37 states today in indianapolis. the national association of secretaries of state assembled in the capitol and the top item, the president's commission on so-called voter fraud. kansas secretary of state chris kobach is vice chair and he sent
2:47 pm
an extraordinary request to all 50 states saying every state had to submit information about the voters, including this -- the full name of every registered voter in each and every state, their addresses, their dates of birth, their political affiliations, their voter history, and the last four digits of their social security numbers. >> i'm only aware of three states that have said they won't give us what is publicly available which is silly. >> it is not silly. 45 states are resisting this request so far. at least in part because of his power and the question of it, to request disclosure of voter information that was just listed. trump's voter fraud commission next meets on july 19th and then they will swear in members from both parties and identify future targets for scrutiny. joining us now, wayne williams and jim condos from vermont. thank you both for taking a bit of a break from the meeting
2:48 pm
there, from the conference and i'll start with you here secretary cond os. how concerned are you about voter fraud from 2016 and coming up in 2018? >> well we've had very little cases of voter fraud reported. in fact, we've had none in the last ten years. but i will say that that is not to say that there isn't some voter fraud that happens. but there is no widespread or systemic voter fraud occurring, at least not in vermont and from what most of my colleagues are telling me, it is not happening across the country either. >> and secretary williams? >> colorado has a number of procedures in place to ensure that our e elections are run fairly and accuraty. we investigate and prosecute and we are in the midst of reviewing matters and we have a former party chair being prosecuted for turning in his wife's ballot for example. we continued to be vigilant in this area.
2:49 pm
most coloradans follow the law and that's what we we are resting on but we also take precautions to ensure that takes place. >> you are both secretaries of state. and in places that are very important in not only the past election, but of course in upcoming elections. when you hear as you are watching one eye there on the meeting, the other eye on potentially what vladimir putin is saying and saying, i didn't meddle in the election in 2016, but again our intelligence community said there was meddling from russian entities, what do you say to that? and i'll start with you, secretary williams, please. >> well it is important to distinguish between attempts to influence voters and attempts to influence the election counting and reporting. we've had no evidence according to the homeland security in both administrations that there was any impact on a voting machine or a tabulation machine or the reports of election totals in colorado or anywhere else in the
2:50 pm
united states. and so as secretaries and working with our local election officials, we work very hard to ensure that none of those voting machines are connected to the internet and that there is no hacking that takes place place h respect to them. with respect to influencing the election, that is something that is outside the purview of secretaries of state. we're here to make sure that the election processes function accurately and completely. >> for you on this, secretary condos, there were reports of registration anomalies and therefore, it was stopped at some point. do you attribute this to meddling that has been reported on? >> i don't think so. we don't believe the meddling occurred at least in our case from any foreign entity. we had no instances of voter registration issues. our voter registration is a fairly new system. we've actually put in many different fire walls and web
2:51 pm
application fire walls to help protect that system and we monitor it on a daily basis. we're very concerned about this. this is a serious issue. i think most of my colleagues across the country take this very seriously. we will continue to be vigilant and diligent about the work that we have to do in protecting both the voter registration and the processes. >> both your answers give all of us confidence, of course, as you have concerns as many residents and citizens across the country do. yes or no, are you going to provide the information that coback would like to have for his commission? yes or no to you, secretary williams? >> colorado has laws to protect certain information. we will not provide any of the protected confidential information under colorado law. there is other information that is publicly available. both parties have that. other interested people have information that's available. we're required by the law to provide. >> yes or no, secretary condos,
2:52 pm
yes or no? >> we will also protect any sensitive personal identification information. and we are in consult with our attorney general. we have a new law in place that may prevent us from providing any information to the federal government in the creation of a registry that deals with individuals i.d. information. >> secretary williams, quickly here, this commission put together, president trump saying he believes just 3 to 5 million illegal votes out there. do you agree with that? >> i have not seen evidence to indicate that there were 3 million to 5 million illegal votes. we've seen evidence to indicate there were some but not that it would have changed the popular vote margin. i'm confidence the election totals announced in colorado accurately reflect who won the elections in colorado. >> lastly yes or no to you, secretary condos. >> absolutely not. i bloent don't believe there were 3 million to 5 million illegal votes that were cast.
2:53 pm
i believe that really is a bogus claim. and from our standpoint, beat maintain that our elections were fair. our elections were accurate. and have integrity. >> all right. thank you both. secretary of state wayne williams, jim condos. you both have a great conference there. >> thank you. next, recess. well, it's almost over. lawmakers heading back to washington with the health care bill hanging over their heads. will mitch mccome get those votes he needs? if he doesn't, he has another plan you might not have seen coming. noo introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order
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the future isn't silver suits anit's right now.s, think about it. we can push buttons and make cars appear out of thin air. find love anywhere. he's cute. and buy things from, well, everywhere. how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. as "the new york times" puts it, four more republican senators have re-refrained from explicit support of the health care bill forcing mitch mcconnell to float the idea of working with democrats on a bipartisan health care fix. >> so where we end up, if republicans are not able to agree among themselves is the
2:57 pm
crisis will still be there. and we'll have to see what the way forward is at that point. >> the senate is expected to get a new report next week from the congressional budget office after republicans sent two separate bills for analysis. one of those bills include an amendment from ted cruz offering plans below obamacare requirements in an effort to reduce costs. joining me now is political reporter to look ahead to next week and what may happen with the bcra. katelin, this new potential cbo scoring of two other derivations of bcra, are these the saving grace for mitch mcconnell? it sounds like he's saying i don't think so? >> it's hard to see how someone like susan collins of maine who said over recess she was supported by constituents for opposing this bill, getting on the same page of someone like ted cruz and mike lee and other more conservative members, there's also a debate within the republican party right now
2:58 pm
whether the obamacare should go on. you heard mitch mcconnell saying there, you could take that either as a warning or saying as a kind of reality of the situation that they're in, they're recognizing that they are not able to politically get this bill through. >> is here leader mcconnell saying okay, i am now going to be the adult in the room. i realize that this is not going to work on the other side of the aisle. are democrats going to go for the big home run, go for single pair-like objectives or will they go for the fixes they really need? >> a couple things. mitch mcconnell wanted to get this bill done before this recess. he knew when lawmakers went home, the public would assess the bill and it would become more unpopular. now he is faced with a couple of different options he has to figure out. remember, august recess is right around the corner. he also could have the opportunity to kind of call democrats' bluff on this.
2:59 pm
democrats have said if you abandon your plans for repeal, we will stand ready and willing to work on a bipartisan fix to this bill. as you mentioned, there are divisions within the democratic party about how to move forward on this. you have the base clamoring for single pair, medicaid for all kind of system. bernie sanders is holding a rally in cincinnati. >> a lot of energy outside. >> exactly. other lawmakers are not wanting to go that route. they saw what happened with the first iteration of this a few years ago. >> 20 seconds, leader mcconnell, does he bring it to the floor for a vote, and if he does, how many republicans are going to be going no on this? >> it's difficult to see hip bringing a bill to the floor he doesn't have the votes for unless he wants to make a statement saying look, we tried. our members didn't go for it. we have to move on. republicans have framed this in political terms wanting to go on to tax reform. >> katelin hughey-burns from real clear politics. that wraps it up for me. i'm richard lui.
3:00 pm
stay with us for updates and breaking news as it happens right here. find me on twitter and instagram @richard lui. a.m. joy is next. have a great night. they say it was russia. why won't you agree with them and say it was. >> i'll tell you, let me start off by saying i heard it was 17 agencies. i said boy, that's a lot. do we even have that many. >> i have to ask about this. since you started the whole wrestling video thing. >> you were invaded this time by nazi germany from the west and the soviet union from the east. that's trouble. ♪ >> the fundamental question of our time is whether the west has the will to survive. >> donald trump wraps up his second


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